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TorGaming Code of Business Conduct

TorGaming LTD. has adopted a Code of Business Conduct that applies to all its employees, officers, and directors.
In addition to conducting its operations in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, TorGaming LTD. also has a clear duty to observe high ethical standards in conducting these operations, as well as in its interaction with the customers and communities it serves. In the same way, all TorGaming LTD.  directors, officers and associates (referred to herein as associates) are also expected to observe the same high ethical standards in the performance of their jobs and in their relationships with customers, vendors, their community and their coworkers.
TorGaming LTD. emphasizes courtesy, dignity, respect, and safety as corporate values, and seeks to create an atmosphere of mutual respect for all TorGaming LTD.  employees, temporary workers, contractors, vendors, customers, and visitors.

Conflicts of Interest

It is TorGaming LTD. g's policy to conduct its business affairs ethically, fairly, and impartially. It is the responsibility of all employees, officers, and directors to avoid situations that are, or could be construed as, conflicts of interest or inappropriate attempts to influence business decisions. To that end, TorGaming LTD. prohibits its employees from accepting any gift of more than nominal value or entertainment that is more than a routine social amenity in that it could be, or could appear to be, an attempt to influence the recipient into favoring a particular customer, vendor, consultant, or other outside entity.

Insider Trading

It is against TorGaming LTD. 's policy for one of its employees, officers, or directors to be involved in any way in the purchase or sale of securities of another company about which they may become aware, during the course of their employment, of confidential information that could affect the value of the securities of TorGaming LTD. or other companies with whom TorGaming LTD. does business.


TorGaming LTD. employees are required to comply with all antitrust laws and to always act in accordance with TorGaming LTD.'s Antitrust Policy.

Bribery, Kickback, and Fraud

No funds or assets of TorGaming LTD. shall be paid, loaned, or otherwise disbursed as bribes, "kick-backs," or other payments designed to influence or compromise the conduct of the recipient, and no employee, officer, or director of TorGaming LTD. shall accept any funds or other assets (including those provided as preferential treatment to the employee for fulfilling their responsibilities) for assisting in obtaining business or for securing special concessions from TorGaming LTD.


All TorGaming LTD. employees, officers, and directors are expected to comply with TorGaming LTD. 's Code of Business Conduct and to perform their work with honesty and integrity in any areas or ways not specifically addressed by the Code of Business Conduct.

If you know of or suspect a violation of any of the above policies, please notify us by email (please include the word "Complaint" in the subject line) at All reported information will be acted upon promptly, including reasonable steps being taken to keep confidential the identity of anyone reporting information for investigation, consistent with appropriate evaluation and investigation.

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